A heritage site

Dating back to the 14th century, the Maupertuis mill is a water mill established on the river " Nohain"  in the Nièvre department. It is located in the heart of historic Donzy, the former county town of an important medieval barony. For more than 600 years, it has been linked to the life of the Donzy population before becoming a flour mill museum. 

Today, it invites you to discover the gestures of old-time millers as well as the process of grinding wheat into flour.

A real mill

Through the 4 levels of the mill, the guided tour displays the state of flour milling in the early 20th century. Thanks to numerous and various elements of machinery, most of them original, you will discover an old flour mill. Every machine is in working order and will be started in front of you.

In 1992, a new bucket wheel, the heart of the site, was rebuilt ad it has been rotating happily ever since.


@créditsphotos : Michel Barrière